ESET Malaysia - Authorized Platinum Partner

IshanTech (M) Sdn Bhd was founded in 2008 to bring award-winning IT Security solutions to Malaysia and the region. IshanTech’s expertise in cybersecurity predetermined their collaboration with ESET a world class top-notch antivirus protection software as their Exclusive Platinum Partner for Malaysia.

Bundled solutions for Business

Multilayered Protection For Business

Multilayered protection for your business with easy one-click deployment from the cloud console.

eset malayasia
Cloud based Console
eset malayasia
Endpoint Protection
eset malayasia
File Server Security
Perfectly Balanced Protection For Business

Keep your endpoints secure from ransomware and zero-day threats with an easy-to-use cloud-based console.

eset malayasia
Cloud based Console
eset malayasia
Endpoint Protection
eset malayasia
File Server Security
eset malayasia
Full Disk Encryption
eset malayasia
Cloud Sandbox
Complete Protection For Business

Cloud applications security backed by multilayered endpoint protection.

eset malayasia
Cloud based Console
eset malayasia
Endpoint Protection
eset malayasia
File Server Security
eset malayasia
Full Disk Encryption
eset malayasia
Cloud Sandbox
eset malayasia
Mail Security
eset malayasia
Cloud App protection

Comprehensive security solution for all business sizes

windows defender antivirus

Low maintenance, more time for your business

Unobtrusive security with best balance of performance, detection and false positives. Combines powerful machine learning and human expertise.

defender antivirus
Advanced multilayered technology

Secure computers, mobiles, file servers

Company endpoints and mobiles are protected via advanced multilayered technology, including file server security, now with secure banking protection.

eset protection advanced cloud
Cloud sandbox

Prevent zero day threats

Improved protection against ransomware and zero-day threats via cloud-based sandboxing technology.

pc security
Set up and deploy within minutes

Enjoy easy-to-use management

Single-pane-of-glass remote management for visibility to threats, users and quarantined items.

computer system security
Preventive protection for microsoft 365 applications

Protect your cloud email, collaboration and storage

The combination of spam filtering, anti‑malware scanning and anti‑phishing helps protect your company against disruption caused by email‑based attacks and malware.

ESET endpoint
One click data encryption

Protect business data

Helps comply with data regulations thanks to full disk encryption capabilities on Windows and macOS.

ESET protects you across multiple platforms

eset online scanner
free antivirus for windows server
mobile antivirus
Linux antivirus

It’s about balance… the perfect balance

Providing speed, detection or usability is not enough. You need all three to have a smooth, enjoyable online journey.

cyber security protection

Built to keep you running fast, with no interruptions.

cloud computing security

Blocks and eliminates even the most advanced threats.

ESET Smart Security

Provides set and forget protection you can install in minutes.


eset ransomware shield

Cloud-based Console

Single-pane-of-glass remote management for visibility of threats, users and quarantined items. Available as cloud or on-premises.

Best antivirus
Includes ESET Endpoint Security

Endpoint Protection

Advanced multi-layered protection for computers, smartphones and virtual machines.

eset sandboxing
Includes ESET File Security

File Server Security

Real-time protection for your company’s data passing through all general servers.

antivirus service malaysia
Includes ESET Full Disk Encryption

Full Disk Encryption

Robust encryption solution for system disks, partitions or entire devices to achieve legal compliance.

eset data loss prevention
Includes ESET Dynamic Threat Defense

Cloud Sandbox

Proactive protection against zero-day threats that analyses suspicious samples in an isolated cloud sandbox environment.

security solutions malaysia
Includes ESET Mail Security

Mail Security

Blocks all spam and malware at server level, before they reach users’ mailboxes.

ESET Internet security
Includes ESET Cloud Office Security

Cloud app protection

Advanced preventive protection for cloud email, collaboration and storage with a dedicated console.

What IT pros are saying


"It is very much customizable tool. In my opinion it is the most functional, robust and manageable tool than any other."

- Angela S


"The interface is easy to use and lightweight on the system. When used on a 4+ core device with an SSD, the system impact is negligible for most office tasks."

- Jason D


"It is easy to use, simple and understandable. Therefore, we can easily manage the features of it. Also, it is easy to install, configure and update. "

- Jaliya S


"I love the way it helps us in detecting unnecessary things that are continuously running our systems behind. In this way it enhances the security of our system."

- Jen D

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